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Read Louis Rosen: A Serious Musician in a Porkpie Hat published 10/24/16 on the New York Press Club's Woman Around Town website.
In October 2015, Rosen and Karen Mason have created a show of their own, and it features, naturally, music of Brian Lasser (Class of 1969) and Rosen. It's as if three former Chicagoans were coming back home together, though only two were here in the flesh for this week's world premiere engagement at Davenport's Piano Bar in Chicago. Lasser died tragically in 1992 of AIDS, at age 40, and Mason has nurtured his memory ever since, featuring some of his music in virtually every solo show she has performed. Rosen, meanwhile, organized and hosted Lasser's memorial, the three musicians linked for all time by personal history and, of course, music.